Black & White Party

Type of event: Private Party
The purpose of the event: An evening with friends
Event date: June
Number of attendees: 100
Who are the guests? The friends
Location: The Orangery of the Domaine Thermale de Mondorf
Concept (final, which was produced on the day of the event):

  • Cocktail Aperitif
  • Terrace of the Orangery and gardens
  • Meal Black outdoor tent equipped
  • Buffets in the 4 corners of the furnished outdoor tent
  • Orangerie dance floor area
  • Orangerie sofa corner area + Orangerie terrace

One site, one evening! One evening, three atmospheres!

Black on white atmosphere:
7 p.m., the guests arrive, the weather is nice, the park is still sunny, the guests stroll on the terrace, stroll through the French gardens and around the cars on display until 8:30 p.m., dinner time. The black tablecloths, in this white atmosphere, are in the tone of the dress code communicated in the invitations, well respected by the guests.

White on black atmosphere:
The sun sets, night sets in, dinner time. An all-black tent is the setting for a table setting for a buffet dinner worthy of great gastronomy with 4 appetizers (ham, oysters, salmon and caviar) and 4 buffets (seafood, fishmonger, white meat and red meat). The white toppings and decorations in this black tent

Black and white night atmosphere:
The orangery, the gardens and the terrace are illuminated. A new atmosphere reigns in the white and black decor. The light of night has taken place. The candles are lit, the lighting of the cozy corners is dimmed, the spotlights illuminate the dance floor and the music leads the guests for an evening at the end of the night. The park is illuminated and invites you to stroll on this June evening.

The Terrace

Laurel topiary plants shaped like a pyramid in anthracite gray tubs and candles trace the path from the entrance to the terrace of the orangery, cocktail area. Black-topped cocktail tables are set up on the terrace overlooking the formal gardens. The tables are decorated with small round white vases and red peonies. Dozens of candle holders are suspended in the magnolia of the terrace. Firebrands will be placed in the French garden.

Reception - Dinner

The tent is dressed and a solid black carpet is installed on the ground. Large black and white psychedelic visuals are printed on PVC and decorate the centerpieces. Large white vases decorated with peonies are placed on white and black columns. The round tables are covered with white linen tablecloth. Small white vases decorated with black callas are placed on the round tables.

On the set table, black glass under plates to accentuate the black on white / white on black effect.

The Lounge Area

A design space in a classic orangery, that is our challenge. The mirrors, the chandeliers will be the contrasting elements of the proposed decor. Modern furniture with clean lines on one side, the bar with the dance floor on the other, near the space of the band. Colored light effects, and the evening continued until dawn…

A few black plaids, a reminder of the color theme, are placed on the benches of the furniture for people who are not warm enough during this period or for cigar lovers for tastings.

The themes or elements that you consider important to highlight in this study case (a particular decorative element, a particular activity, etc.)

– Black dinner tent
– Cars on display
– Lighting of the French gardens
– Musical entertainment
– Meet the gastronomic expectations of our client with our catering partner
– 2 days of assembly, one night of dismantling