Type of event: Staff day – team building
The purpose of the event: Unity is strength!
We must instill team spirit in the minds of employees and convey the fact that one person needs another to change society and mentalities.
Event date: June
Number of attendees: 50
Location: Martué – Belgium
Who are the guests? Canon people
Concept (final, which was produced on the day of the event):


his offer, as well as all the activities offered, aims to strengthen essential skills for life in a company, such as:

  • The use of rational means of analysis
  • Goal setting
  • Stress estimation
  • Identifying alternatives
  • Decision making
  • Team cohesion

The Site

The Martué site is ideal for your Team Building, it will allow your employees to evolve, throughout the day, in a natural, aquatic, rocky and forest environment. They will be subjected to real scenarios in a natural environment. These will allow your group to confront a material achievement that does not fall within the trades and habits practiced by the company. The emphasis is on facts, know-how and life skills, which are more revealing than purely theoretical teaching.

Here, corporate performance is considered from the angle of interactivity between people…

The activities offered in this Martué setting will take place in the heart of nature, following a playful but professional scenario. Scenarios that very regularly benefit the various police units, Belgian national defense or even the canine brigades that frequent this site to carry out exercises in audacity, selection and team cohesion…

All in all, Martué is an event partner that will lead to a real Team Building outcome.

The Tests

For the smooth running of this Team Building day, we will divide the participants into two groups subdivided into 5 teams of +/- 10 people, who will interchange their activities during the afternoon.

1. Team Booster: (catalog of possible activities)

– Marais:
Find the theoretical solution as a team before testing it in practice. The goal is to cross a real marsh using the equipment provided.
– Ski race: Complete a fun course with 4 team members on a single pair of skis.
– Bag race
– Voice of his master: With blindfolds, head on an easy course at the voice of his teammates. Cohesion, fun and laughter guaranteed.
– Spider web: Pass through a gigantic web without touching any wires with the help of teammates. maximum support.
– Acid River: Cross a fictional acid river using too few platforms for the whole team…
– Toxic Waste: As a team, handle a container containing highly dangerous liquid using ropes. Cohesion, precision and communication are the keys to success.
– Magic Path: Find your way through a maze of colored plates on the ground.
– Pyramids: Move a pyramid piece by piece in as few moves as possible.
– Blind Polygon: Form a precise geometric shape as a team with a rope and blindfolded. Communication, reflection and leadership are the key words.
– Clipart: Memory games, find the missing drawings.
– Knot: Reproduce a knot using a giant rope that no one can let go.
– Woodcraft on set: One team has a finished construction while the other only has the material to make it. Communication is done by radio without any visual…

2. Emotion journey:

– Ranger
– Trapeze course
– Large platform
– Large zip line 240m
– Tyrolean track

The themes or elements that you consider important to highlight in this study case (a particular decorative element, a particular activity, etc.). The friendliness & solidarity observed during this event is one of the elements to highlight. Day followed by a rustic dinner, back to basics, around a piglet grilled directly on the spit…