The CFL focus on the Health and Safety of their employees

Client: Luxembourg National Railway Company (CFL)
Input: Promoting the “Security” component set up by the CFLs with their employees
Type of event: Safety prevention day
Event date: June
Number of participants: +/- 1300
Location: CFL bus hall in Luxembourg – Bonnevoie
Who are the guests? Employees of CFL & CFL Cargo


ecurity. Often overused, this term is nevertheless at the heart of companies, whether it is a question of providing for the safety of people in the workplace or on the move or designing infrastructures capable of meeting the standards in force, it is all a question of security. How to promote the safety concept in a fun and memorable way so that nearly 1,300 employees remember it and apply it every day in their work? By creating a tailor-made, original and memorable event.

At the request of the CFL, the agency thought about and designed a completely original concept: to create a safe world in a universe under construction/destruction. For this, a decor was created using construction materials, scaffolding, signaling tapes, all in the spirit of playful and functional workshops, discovery trails, exploiting all the vast space made available. The main idea was to create an educational path made up of workshops for the prevention and training of risks incurred in the workplace, on a daily basis.

No less than 5 prevention islands have thus been set up, taking the form of workshops lasting around thirty minutes for groups of 25 people. Needless to say, the “road prevention” workshop was a great success with participants with screen projections, accident simulations, emergency braking and information on alcohol levels while driving. The “healthy diet”, “prevention of falls and stumbling” and “healthy lifestyle” workshops were also successful.

The day was also punctuated by a giant and convivial barbecue which was able to bring together all the teams in a good mood and exchange.
Building on this success, the CFL have decided to repeat the operation every year for the well-being and safety of all their employees.