LuxConnect inaugurates in
Bettembourg and lays its 200th km
of fiber optic cable!

Client: Lux Connect
Input: Inauguration of the new LuxConnect buildings in Bettembourg
Type of event: Inauguration of a building
Event date: May
Number of attendees: 250
Location: Bettembourg


ho are the guests?
Ministers of Communications and Transport, CEOs and Leaders, and the national press.

Active in the field of optical fiber communications, LuxConnect S.A was created by the Luxembourg State in response to requests from national and international players in the electronic communications sector. As part of its development, particularly with the Luxembourg Railways, with the laying of the 200th kilometer of cable for very high-speed communications, LuxConnect inaugurated its brand new building in Bettembourg in May 2009. The opportunity to review the mission of this growing company and present its activities during an evening under the sign of elegance and innovation.

Red carpet required to welcome the 250 guests of LuxConnect in the new building in Bettembourg. A huge sober and immaculate tent had been specially fitted out for the occasion, decorated with pyramids of orchids created especially for the occasion with a subtle and elegant wink: optical fibers recalling the activity of LuxConnect subtly slipped between the branches of orchids and asparagus. An original, appropriate and elegant floral decoration. It was indeed elegance that set the tone for this evening, all in sobriety with beautiful plays of light highlighting the volumes and perspectives.

The purpose of the evening was to highlight the activity of the company, giving pride of place to speeches and presentations, to the development prospects of LuxConnect, to its desire for innovation. It was also an opportunity to present the company’s new facilities, highlighted for the occasion and open to visitors.

A very beautiful evening, sober and elegant, which did not lose sight of innovation, progress and this legitimate desire to salute those who contribute to it.