The Culture Route

The sophistication guide on the Costa Blanca

CRThe Costa Blanca is a paradise on earth, not only for its landscapes and climate, but especially for its culture. Unfortunately, it is a region stigmatized by the bad image of its low cost tourism and drunks. This is not the reality, and to attract high-end tourism and professional tourism, The Culture Route of the Costa Blanca has been created.

Local Culture Network

Introduce the sophisticated public of Europe, the local potential of the Costa Blanca.
Michelin star chefs, music concerts, art exhibitions, natural landscapes, sports activities, luxury hotels, endless possibilities selected for our customers. At Planet People Agency we have designed a specific product for each of the needs that any European visitor could wish for. We present you the key to discover this region, as if a local friend were guiding you. Our collaborators are a select group that defends sophistication and culture, which resists LowCost tourism.

If you are looking to get to know the Costa Blanca in a way that you have never enjoyed it before, let yourself be advised by the Planet People Agency team who will design a new experience in your life.