Happy Hour Event

Client Gastronomic Circus Happy Hour – 2H Event

Our networking “Happy hour”

Problem: network without sweating by offering a fun moment during a cocktail.

No need to remind you that team building is in fashion… And if you are familiar with team building, you will not have missed the wave of team-cookings and others tastings, culinary creations, etc.

Every guest knows or has known this little moment of discomfort during a networking evening… how to approach an unknown person to obtain their busines card and – possibly – start a professional collaboration?

The reverse is also true, how to stay polite when you are interrupted in the middle of a conversation by a shameless “networker” who absolutely wants to pick up as many cards as possible?

Our team building: “Happy hour” gives you the keys to open the door to new collaborations.

Discover and vote for the preferred home made products of your region & regions of your clients

From 50 to 200 pax.

  • Value the gastronomic know how of your region to your clients
  • Access to the Gastronomic Circus application
  • Activities:
    Discovery of local home made products
    2 Blind Tasting Battles
  • Presence of ambassadors to pitch their products
  • Digital vote for the preferred products
  • Location choices
  • Cocktail set up
  • Professional chief


Inclusive: gender, cross-generations, client partners.

  • Reinforce personal relationships with your clients.
  • Better know the areas of interests of your clients.