Gastronomic Circus

If certain aspects of team building take on new forms, we remain convinced that sharing, laughing together, cooperating, exchanging around gastronomy remain essential.

GCThe desire to discover and promote outstanding home made products made by local artisans from European countries. The need to Recreate conviviality and strong social relationships after Covid’s Period in a fully digital society. Our values Sharing Quality Authenticity Conviviality Accessibility Humour Independence.

Why Gastronomic Circus?
Circus refers to the relentless work of non recognized artists with exceptional performances and to their nomad spirit. With the Gastronomic Circus, we invite you to travel and discover rare pearls and well-kept secrets.

Our know-how

The success of our event communication action lies in a difficult alchemy between three components: communication, organisation and spectacle. It is with this know-how that we differentiate ourselves. Gastronomic Circus creates, designs, organises, secures and offers you tailor made event that you are looking for. We offer you an extraordinary product, thanks to a unique concept in perfect harmony with the current CSR wave.

Our know-how in connection with our imagination has enabled us to each time create a “WAOW effect” and therefore fulfil complete your customer’s satisfaction.

Our approach

First, let’s say it very quickly: gastronomy is above all the sharing of:

• A creative approach to imagine a concept, a topic, a format and an innovative development in solving of problems.
• A know-how of the whole planning in order to ensure a global coherence between the production, the scene setting and the organisation.
• A particular control and management of time and space
• A reputation for outstanding service excellence and tailor-made programs and events
• A differentiated services provider of luxury, quality and unique experiences.

What is the Gastronomic Circus ?

Accelerate your client and team relationships

Gastronomic Circus is

•  The first digital application listing an independent selection and validation of local home made products.
•  A methodology to accelerate social relationships through active, authentic and friendly Gastronomic Blind Tasting.
•  A public gastronomic award given by the votes of the Gastronomic Circus members.
•  A unique Emotional Experience to discover best local home products with great people in a great place in a great convivial atmosphere.

Gastronomy, an accelerator of relationships

Gastronomy is about much more than food.

It reflects the culture, heritage, traditions and sense of community of different peoples. It is a way of promoting understanding among different cultures, and of bringing people and traditions closer together.

Gastronomy is also emerging as an important protector of cultural heritage, and the sector helps create lot of opportunities, such as being an accelerator of relationships:

•  Gastronomy as a natural Ice Breaker
•  Gastronomy talks to our brain, gustative buds, guts and roots
•  Gastronomic Circus events make us reveal what we love and who we are
•  Gastronomic Circus events are designed to:

    1. Engage all participants making them active.
    2. Create true personal exchanges which reveal common preferences.
    3. Share impressions about best home made products.
    4. Enable outstanding conviviality experiences.

•  Gastronomic Circus events generate Emotion to accelerate client relationships

Designed to maximise social interactions

Gastronomy is using the power of food to transform individual lives, foster more inclusive communities, and create positive social change.

By using food as a tool to connect people, enable dignified livelihoods, minimize social inequities, care for the planet, and learn with each other, we can generate a more equitable, inclusive, innovative, and caring society.

Live Blind Tasting

Mobile Voting

Designed to maximise convivial interactions in terms of number and deepness of contacts

Walking dinner set up

Seated dinner set up

Walking dinner set up

Welcome Ice Breaker

First Gastronomic discovery

First Blind Tasting

Second & third Blind Battles

Second & third Blind Battles

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