Keep the link even at a distance! The essential tools for your communication.

DETo respond to current issues and adapt to the health context, Planet People offers you to transform your events into digital experiences. Everything is possible to perpetuate the link with your customers or your collaborators. We organize 100% digital seminars or conferences to reinforce your messages and support for your company.

We also offer the organization of festive evenings or team-building thanks to activities specially developed to meet your needs. Digital does not mean the end of human relationships or the emotional bond between participants in an event. Consider these online events as an opportunity to live different experiences that can replace the projects already imagined and programmed.


Digital Animations



igital Animations: Our virtual animations with or without home delivery, zero travel constraints. Connected audiences around the world!

Oenological evening with upstream delivery of a tasting kit.
The tasting can be enhanced with chocolates or cheeses.

Discovering the great vintages of Champagne.
Delivery of bottles with personalized cap to reseal the bottles.

Entertainment with a master chocolatier.
Delivery of a tasting kit, accompanied by a box to then taste with family or friends.

Italian cooking class live from Tuscany.
In the kitchen of an Italian chef, with a lilting accent and decor worthy of an Italian film.
Cooking classes with well-known chefs or classes led by major gastronomy schools.
Everyone wears their personalized apron straight from their own kitchen. Usability guaranteed!
We also offer Escape Games or virtual surveys that allow your teams to brainstorm remotely in disconnecting digital universes. We ensure the delivery of aperitif boxes to participants, or kits for making bagels, appetizer boards, etc. so that your guests can also toast virtually.

Speakers & Animators



peakers & Animators: Speakers to share their expertise or extraordinary experiences. Planet People open its network of speakers to you. We are a force of proposal of profiles adapted to your topics of conferences.

Give meaning to your event – ​​Inspire your teams – Stand out to your customers.

– The Winner of the Vendée Globe 2020: The story of a victory.

– A fighter pilot: Alone in his cockpit, he is nothing without his team.
– A GIGN negotiator: Techniques for client negotiation.
– Freediving World Champion: Learn to anticipate all risks.

Economists, essayists, philosophers, coaches, journalists, high-level athletes, extreme adventurers or even experts in your subjects on which you want to discuss with your customers and collaborators.

We are able to offer you the intervention of the most suitable personality for your event. Positive feedback guaranteed!

Technical Means



echnical Means: TV show – Online conferences – YouTube Live – Technical means at your service.

At Planet People Agency Priority is given to quality! A digital event must also be visual and of good quality. We support you on all existing media. We are strengthening the service with the setting up of your Live!

Existing or mobile TV studio – and even at home!

VMIX stations with connected audiences all over the world, quality TV studios, green screen! We have the capacity to meet your most incredible desires for a total immersion of your event and completely personalized.
Video capture is an important part of the success and professional rendering of your seminar or conference. Our team will offer you the use of professional tools, light, control room and TV camera, in places suitable for the installation of a real set. Our technical and graphic teams will also do everything possible for a personalized, unique, innovative and impactful visual rendering.

Solutions for videoconferences



olutions for videoconferences: ll-in-one platform. Digital must be simple and accessible to all. We therefore propose to group all aspects of the digital event, from registration to broadcasting on a single tool. Everything you need is in one place.
The first step is the registration platform on which guests or prospects can access, from a computer, a tablet or a mobile. Once registered on a dedicated landing page, and in your colors, participants will be able to attend the event from this platform.

Simple, all-in-one, reliable and accessible to all, our solution is fully secure and hosted by a French leader and GDPR compliant. Compatible with the main solutions (ZOOM, Teams, YouTube Live, Webex, Google Meet…) it is possible to add many features:

– Chat
– Survey
– Vote
– Questions answers
– Data
– Brainstorming
– Breakout Session
– Live
– Quiz

Generalized teleworking, this kind of operation will have an immediate effect on the morale and spirit of your teams!