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Spain is one of the countries in the world that receives the most foreign tourists. Those who visit it especially value its climate and its coasts: from the small coves of the Costa Brava, surrounded by pine trees and small cliffs, to the extensive beaches. But the coast is by no means the only attraction: Spain has a very remarkable cultural heritage, modern and historic cities, high mountains and fourteen natural parks.

Hotels today are not just a place to stay: many of them have also become emblematic buildings due to the particularities of their architecture. But, above all, they are privileged establishments where the creativity of the best interior designers is put into play to achieve a unique travel experience. We show you images of the best modern design hotels from around the world: their impressive halls, their cozy rooms and how they use the trends in decoration and interior design: 

Hotel Primavera Park

Wake up in front of the most spectacular balcony in the entire Mediterranean. Let the dawn sun say hello to you, while you drink coffee watching the rooftops and the bay of Benidorm. Its views will take your breath away.

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Hotel Asia Gardens

Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, a Royal Hideaway Hotel***** is a luxury hotel with spa and fantastic views of the Mediterranean Sea, perfect for a holiday with as a family or a couple in the Sierra Cortina mountains.

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Hotel Villaitana

Imagine a typical little town on the Levantine coast, tucked away at the foot of the mountain. The skyscrapers of Benidorm cutting out the Mediterranean Sea on the horizon. Visualize an environment where you can forget about the world. Under the powerful contrast of the blue sky and the green of its immense golf courses. Now open your eyes and enjoy this hotel in Benidorm.

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